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Form Processing Services

Forms processing is a process by which one can capture information entered into data fields and convert it into an electronic format. This can be done manually or automatically, but the general process is that hard copy data is filled out by humans and then "captured" from their respective fields and entered into a database or other electronic format.

AlliedDataEntry provides high level of accurateness, appropriate deliveries, total secrecy and cost effective Form Processing Services to our global customers. Our form processing division offers most comprehensive range of high quality and low cost Form Processing services ideally suited to high volume form processing projects. We capture data from all types of handwritten and typed forms accurately, rapidly and cost-effectively.

"AlliedDataEntry assure about low cost , Quick turnaround time and 99.99% accuracy"

We provide following Form Processing outsourcing services:

  • Medical Claim Forms Processing Services
  • Insurance Claim Forms Processing Services
  • Patient Records Processing Services
  • Shipping Documents Processing Services
  • Registration Cards Processing Services
  • Credit Card Applications Processing Services
  • Online Form Processing Services
  • Survey Forms Processing Services
  • Rental Forms Processing Services
  • Legal Forms Processing Services
  • Tax Forms Processing Services

AlliedDataEntry From Processing Includes various Processes

Manual Data Entry:- We Enter all the required field such as Name, Address, City, State, Zip, Phone, Email, and other fields that our clients wants to capture from a form Manualy and enter then in CSV, MS-Access or CRM (Desired output accepted by the client).

Automated forms processing:-This method can automate data processing by using pre-defined templates and configurations. OCR the form and capture the field by copy and paste. There is no Manual typing in this method.

Why AlliedDataEntry for Form Processing Services?

  • Secure data upload, collection and collation methods.
  • Expedient delivery timeframes.
  • A highly skilled, trained and motivated workforce.
  • Superior technical and customer support.
  • A quality-driven forms processing procedure.


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Our Commitments

  • High Quality Work
  • Immediate Response
  • Fast Turnaround Time
  • Competitive Cost
  • Streamlined 5 Step Process 
  • Revenue Increase
  • High Skilled Employees
  • 24x7 Support Services
  • Customized Daily Reports

                  AlliedDataEntry (ADE)

Training Session on initial stage of each project

Each Team will follow a Project Manager

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